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Factors impacting removal costs:

When calculating the removal costs, do not forget to take into account the possible removal costs. They include:

  • Travel costs – Travel costs add up and take into account the fuel costs, as well as labour costs over the period it takes the property to get from point A to point B.
  • The removal volume – Are you moving many things? Such a removal will not only take longer but will also mean that your load is heavier. This can result in increased costs. Follow the general principle: the more things you have to carry, the more expensive the removal.
  • Packaging services – Hiring people to pack your things can be add to a financial burden for you.
  • The removal costs will be influenced by additional services you decide to choose. This can mean the disassembly and reassembly of the furniture, moving special objects or the costs of consumables delivered by our company, such as cartons, bubble wrap, felt pads, mattress bags, etc.
  • Storage – you can decide for the company to store all things prior to, during and after the removal. The property storage rates depend on the volume and the storage duration.
  • Packaging material cost – You have to plan the amount you need. These can include cardboard boxes, plastic containers, bubble wrap, wrapping paper and all other materials required for the removal. In order to find out how many consumables you need, order our free quote.
  • Removal data – remember: the date when you are moving is equally as important as the removal method. It stems from the fact that a specific removal date can drastically impact the price. For example, moving on a weekend and/or in high-season costs much more than in low-season or during the week.
  • Scope of responsibility and quotation – If you are using a removal company, you will most probably have to purchase insurance. Most removal companies offer many insurance variants, including basic property value insurance and full insurance. Remember that you can purchase additional removal insurance at a third-party insurer.