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We specialize in Origin Services and Road Freight in Europe as well as Sea Freight and Air Shipments for overseas removals. In Poland, we also provide a full range of Relocation and immigration Services.

We cooperate with the world’s largest moving companies, and the core of our activities are international corporate removals. Arkpol Group has always relied on standards and capabilities that we acquired from our global partners. We maintain international standards and experience resulting from many years of cooperation. We are able to meet the most demanding customers and the most complicated removals.

The beginnings of Arkpol Group date back to the 1990s.

ARKPOL GROUP consists of three companies:

ARKPOL POLAND, Head Office and warehouse is in Raszyn. Suburbs of Warsaw. Capacity of the warehouse is 1200 square meters. Supported  by certified agents in the main cities: Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Katowice, Poznan, Rzeszow, Bydgoszcz, Szczecin. 

ARKPOL Deutschland GmbH, established in 2016. Office and warehouse is in Frankfurt a/Main. Operating throughout the whole Europe with Capacity of warehouse 1500 square meters.

ARKPOL Bis Ltd., established in 2018 as a subsidiary of Arkpol Poland, services clients mainly in the Benelux countries and Switzerland. Arkpol Bis Ltd. is being supported operationally by Arkpol Deutschland. 

We have a network of trusted partners around the world, with whom we can commission destination service without hesitation. 

We operate in accordance with the standards of European and International associations. We are members of The International Association of Movers (IAM), FEDEMAC European Movers and EURA Relocations. 

We have also signed an Statement for FIDI guidelines and best practices to facilitate high-quality and unified cooperation between international moving companies and their partners called the Professional Cooperation Guidelines (The PCGs).


  • We had a huge challenge with the extremely absorbing relocations of the NATO base, which lasted four months. Soldiers were relocated to bases located in Great Britain and Cyprus.
  • It is important to mention that since 2014, Arkpol Poland and Arkpol Deutschland have been handling imports and exports of US NATO personnel to Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. This challenging project is still being handled in close cooperation with our partners in the relevant countries. The clue issue is the security of the household goods, transportation, and US soldiers premises. We estimate that we handled approximately 5,000 moves a year.
  • It is also worth mentioning that one of the most interesting challenges was the removal of  NATO Headquarter in Belgium. It was a joint venture with Pickford’s UK.
  • We had the pleasure of guiding the Polish writer Sławomir Mrożek from Mexico to Krakow, and after a few years from Krakow to Nice.
  • We have received orders to move famous football players, including Zlatan Ibrahimowicz from Manchester to Malmö, Fernandinho from Donetsk to Manchester. 
  • We made a move by air to the Sultanate of Brunei.
  • We also carried out the directorate of the French Railways SNCF in Paris. 
  • Move from Stuttgart to Venice, where the apartment can only be reached by water? It was a very interesting task for our crew. The 3rd floor of the tenement house required the use of an external GEDA lift, which is an everyday thing for us, but an external lift set on a transport boat is a much bigger challenge which we managed.
  • These types of projects require, above all, very good planning and organization before starting work and then enforcing the plan, quick response in emergency situations and a trusted team of people. We have it all, ARKPOL GROUP.


  • European international and domestic moving and overseas exports/imports,
  • Office and commercial moving,
  • Imigration services,
  • Relocations services, 
  • Warehousing,
  • Transport related to international, domestic and office moving,
  • Long Term cooperation – outsourcing contracts.

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Orders completed in 2022


Orders completed in 2022
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23 Years

Of experience
International memberships


International memberships
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