Motorcycle transport from Wrocław to Rotterdam

🏍 How do we transport motorcycles?
Recently, we had a motorcycle transport from Wrocław to Rotterdam, where it was secured and packed in a wooden shipping crate because the shipment was ultimately going to Dubai.
💡 How to secure a motorcycle when transporting it by a van?
🚛 First of all, we need a delivery vehicle equipped with fastening hooks, which must be part of the vehicle intended for this type of load. Once the motorcycle is safely loaded into the van with the help of a ramp or a lift, we proceed to attach it to the floor. Two of our employees are involved in this procedure. We start by threading the belt through the front suspension in its upper part. We pay special attention to wiring harnesses and plastic housings. We can also fasten the front belts at the wheel axle. This guarantees slightly less stability but does not burden the suspension and is safe.
The first side belt is mounted on the left front of the motorcycle when it is standing on the side stand. We stretch it slightly, we do not use the central foot. Then we fasten the second belt on the right side and slightly stretch it to align the vertical position. Similarly, we repeat the steps at the rear of the motorcycle on the left and right sides. Still taking special care with wiring harnesses, fairings, or other delicate structural elements so as not to damage the motorcycle.
🔔 It remains to stabilize and equalize the tensions of all four belts. We do it in turn, first the front and then the back. Tighten the belts to about 20% of the deflection of the shock absorbers and obtain a vertical position. The motorcycle prepared in this way is ready for transport.
It is better not to do it yourself and have the motorcycle transported by professionals. Give us a call 😉.