Door to door moving of 70cbm from Frankfurt to Geneva

A few days ago we organised the relocation (DTD) of 70 cbm of belongings, from Frankfurt to Geneva for one of our corporate clients.

What’s our story?

📝 The complication of this move was the difficult access at both addresses. We had to plan the whole project well because in both places we had to book special parking lots where we could put the truck for a such a long time. The parking space was far from the addresses, so the whole move had to be shuttled because the truck could not get into the narrow streets of both cities.

🛵 In addition, the crew had to move some heavy things like a piano and a scooter, which was an additional challenge in the whole situation.

🏆 The entire move was successful, our three person crew managed and did not suffer even the slightest damage.

The score is 1-0 for the crew against the odds and difficulties😉. Well done team, keep it up that way💪 💪 💪 .