The Arkpol Group expands to Mechelen, Belgium, thereby increasing its service capacity in the Benelux region

The Arkpol Group is pleased to announce the opening of its new location in Mechelen, Belgium. This strategic expansion marks an important milestone in the Arkpol Group’s growth and underlines its commitment to providing world-class services where they are needed most.

With the new Belgian location, the Arkpol Group is able to efficiently serve the entire Benelux region, which includes Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. This development allows the company to expand its service offering by leveraging the strengths of its existing locations in Frankfurt and Mechelen. The integration of these locations enables the Arkpol Group to offer unparalleled support, especially during peak season, guaranteeing partners reliable support and excellent service.

“Our expansion into Belgium is a testament to our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our partners,” said Aleksander Redkie, CEO of Arkpol Group. “Our presence in the heart of the Benelux region allows us to offer better prices, faster availability and greater flexibility. We are excited about the opportunities this expansion brings and look forward to working with companies across the region.”

The new facility in Belgium will optimise logistical processes and offer our partners seamless and efficient solutions. The Arkpol Group’s expanded capabilities will ensure that our partners benefit from improved service quality, on-time deliveries and cost-effective solutions.

Arkpol Group cordially invites companies to explore opportunities for collaboration and to take advantage of the expanded services offered by the new Belgian branch.