Door-to-door service from Ulm, Germany to Batterkinden, Switzerland.

Relocation commissioned by our global partner. The client was moving from Ulm in Germany to Batterkinden in Switzerland. The entire door-to-door service amounted to 37 cbm.

Loading of the goods took place in the historic part of Ulm, the difficult access caused us a challenge, however, our crew did great 💪. In addition, we had to do temporary customs clearance (export/import) due to the lack of required documents. The customs clearance took place at the Weil am Rhein border crossing.

🎉 Everything went according to plan to the customer’s satisfaction!

The whole move was done by our three-person crew. The team did an excellent job with the old, antique furniture, marble countertops, and the piano 🎹 , which was the critical part of the transport and packing.