Capture the moment!

There are moments during the transport of our client’s property that are worth remembering. During the recent winter, our team got stuck on the outskirts of southern Germany. The roads were impassable, it was snowing constantly, there was ice under the snow, and even regular passenger cars couldn’t drive. All this meant that we became an attraction in the village, which was temporarily clogged. We were carrying our client’s property, almost 80m3 on the truck and trailer, we had no chance to move on the same day until the services cleared the snow from the roads. We had to spend the night by the road in a random place in total darkness with one house in the distance.

It’s amazing how the owners of a nearby house behaved. We got from them a basket full of sandwiches, hot coffee, milk, marshmallows, and cookies, which were the nicest thing that could have happened to us that day, wonderful people to whom we are grateful and we will not forget how they tried to help us during this stuck situation.

The next morning, admiring the landscape, we continued our journey. The owners of the house re-supplied us with food and coffee and waved us goodbye. Our client waited patiently for us and kept his fingers crossed for us. On site, we met our second team, who also bravely waited for our arrival and we were able to unload the client’s property.

May we always meet such people on our path! Thanks again to those lovely helpfull residents!